There are three container sizes available from the United Kingdom

  • 20 foot which will be alright for a one bed house or flat or a small two bed house or flat.
  • 40 foot cohntainer for larger two bed house or flat or three bedroom house or flat.
  • 40 foot high cube which is advisable for three bed house or flats when all household furniture will be sent.


We will make your moves just as simple as from moving house to house in the United Kingdom. It is best to plan your move as it will take time to get the appropriate Visa.
Please remember that with most entry visas you will be required to pay taxes and customs duties on your personnel effects. We can offer you comprehensive professional advice on all visa aspects. Some Visa advice is listed below. We also understand the need to budget your move so we offer three levels of service to meet your requirements we also encourage you to get quotes from other companies but ask you to make sure you are asking for a quote which offers the same service as ours this ensures a like for like quote and a correct comparison.

Our service levels are Gold, Silver & Bronze.


We will do a full written quote which is available for 30 days due to currency fluctuations but hopefully long before the final written quote we will be able to give you a verbal quote so you can compare with other companies and this will also give us time to advise you on any matters for the move.

Duty Tax

Visa types will determine the amount of duty/tax payable and if you can become totally duty/tax exempt. We can use 2 ports of entry to the Philippines the main port being Manila and the second port being Cebu. Please note that the port of Cebu is only for containers going to Cebu all other destination throughout the Philippines will be serviced by Manila. All containers for Visayas (except Cebu) and Mindanao will be transferred from a seagoing container to a domestic container for the onward journey to final destination. The transfer of your personnel effects into the domestic container will be carried out by our own professional people in Manila and you are welcome to be present when this occurs. Pleased be advised that this is mandatory and that any company that tells you otherwise is not a professional company. All documentation must be presented to our Philippine agent with an absolute minimum of seven (7) days before the arrival of your shipment.

Gold Service

We professionally export pack and wrap all your household effects and professionally load into your required size of container. All packaging, Boxes, and bubble wrap is supplied by us.


With this level of service you personally pack and wrap all your items and we will come and professionally load into your required size of container.


With this level of service you personally pack and wrap all your items and you load the container. Please remember that you will have only three (3) hours to load the container before demurrage charges start.

Included in the Quote

  • Full export documentation from the United Kingdom.
  • Full entry documentation to the Philippines.
  • Transport cost of the container coming to your house in the United Kingdom and return to port of loading.
  • All port handling charges for both United Kingdom and Philippines.
  • processing of entry documentation and any duty/tax deduction or exemption you maybe entitled to (Depending on entry visa type or duel nationality)
  • All Philippine transport costs of the container coming to your house in the Philippines and return of the empty container to port. Please note that if your final destination is in the Visayas (except Cebu) or Mindanao then your cargo will be trans-shipped from the sea going container to a domestic container for the journey from Manila/Cebu to your final address.
  • For the island of Luzon we supply free of charge a professional gang to un-load your container and remove and unwanted packaging and debris. This service will also be available in Visayas and Mindanao in the future.

Not included in the quote

  • Any demurrage charges incurred for over running the loading time of the container (three (3) Hours)
  • Any demurrage or storage at port of entry due to late document processing because of late production of documentation to Philippine processing agent.
  • Any taxes or duties levied by the Philippine customs
  • Any Insurance against damage of contents as we are only insured against total loss of the container and contents. It is advised that you take advice on an insurance policy with an insurance broker against damage or single item loss.

Packing Advice

When packing your own goods it is recommended that you pack more small boxes than large ones and of sizes that are compatible with the dimensions of the container also that each box is numbered with a brief description of contents written on the out side of the box. Mark fragile on boxes that are fragile so when boxes are loaded the fragile boxes are easily identified and can be stacked to respect the fragile nature of the contents. We can supply you with FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE labels free of charge just ask when you book your container with us. Pack your boxes so there is no room for movement within the box and that the box has solid content that will withstand the pressure of other boxes being stacked on top of it. A cardboard box is surprisingly strong if it is not over packed and bulged, it will withstand quite a lot of pressure so the advice here is to keep the box in a box shape. It is advised that twin wall export grade boxes are used most removal companies can supply these at a charge we can also supply you with boxes and all packing items such as tape and bubble wrap. When getting your furniture ready wrap it all in bubble wrap taking special attention to areas where it may get scratched e.g. table tops and legs, chair legs and backs. Bubble wrapping your soft furnishings e.g. three piece suite, this will not only protect against damage but will also protect against dirt and debris. We will supply you with a numbered packing list this is a document that will be submitted to Philippine Customs so it is important that it is completed correctly. Each number must correspond with the number on the box or piece of furniture with a brief description of box contents or furniture item. Please remember that we are only a phone call away and will advise you at any time.


Here are some examples of entry visas to the Philippines and any duty/taxes that may be levied at point of arrival.

  1. Diplomats are duty/tax fully exempt
  2. Foreigners with Residence Visas 13a or 13g stamped in the passport are duty/tax fully exempt.
  3. Foreigners with Working Visa 9g stamped in the passport are duty/tax fully exempt.
  4. Foreigners with Residence Retiree Visa obtained under the Philippine Retirement Programme stamped in the passport are duty/tax exempt up to US $7,000 value of the total shipment
  5. Filipinos who are duel Nationality Passport holders are duty/tax fully exempt but must have the original British Certificate of Naturalisation and the original copy of the Philippine oath of Allegiance to avail this duty /tax exemption.
  6. 6. Normal returning residents are only duty/tax exempted up to a value of PhP 10,000 value of the shipment. The excess over the value of PhP 10,000 will be subject to full Customs duty/tax
  7. We hope this information is of help to you. We are here to help and only a phone call away at all times.