Tagalog Balikbayan Box Shipping Services sent it's first box to the Philippines back in August 2002. We started out as a husband and wife team wanting to make a difference. Our main aim is to provide a friendly and reliable service giving you peace of mind, knowing your Balikbayan box is in safe hands means you can relax. That said, through our reliability and solid customer base we are expanding rapidly, we cover a very large area in the UK and we are expecting a lot more in the near future. Please call us on 0845 4293164 or 07961 020762.

We are based in East Anglia and have a wide coverage area. We also have a growing network of agents. So if you wish to become an Agent of Tagalog Balikbayan services please give us a call.

We are very committed to the well being of your cargo and we like to think that we treat your cargo with the same respect as if it was our own. To this end we band every box with heavy duty nylon strapping 99% of the time we do this upon collection of your box the other 1% is usually when it is raining, we do however make sure the box is banded the very next day. We label every box FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE also we have a labelling system to help with the fast sorting of your cargo on arrival in the Philippines, this is a colour coding system with blue for Manila, red for Luzon, yellow for Visayas and white for Mindanao.

You will also be required to complete a shipping note (HBL which stands for House Bill of Lading) even with this we have introduced a label system so your box number will be prominent on your cargo.

Tagalog Balikbayan Services does not surcharge for delivery or collection of boxes but if your box is over packed / stuffed (Buntis) then we have to make a surcharge to cover the extra volume your cargo will take upon the loading of a container.

We are also very proud of our relationship with our Philippine agent and his service is excellent. There are of course some places that we cannot deliver to but we do cover almost all the Philippines including Sulu and Jolo as well as Batanes check our Philippine coverage page and if you cannot find your destination please give us a call.

Rest assured, we look after your cargo to the very best of our abilities, your cargo is in very safe hands.